Baby Potty Toilet Trainer


Make potty training a breeze with this Baby Toilet Trainer. Sturdy design and secure-grip handles give you peace of mind as your little one learns big-kid potty habits. Seats and steps allow your little one to claim their own throne when it comes time to use the bathroom like a big kid. Grab one now and motivate children to move up and advance from diapers to the toilet!

Product Features

  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Secure-grip handles
  • Great for independent kids who want to do it themselves
  • Fits most standard toilet seats

Product Information

  • Material: Eco-friendly PP
  • Color: Pink, Blue
  • Weight: 1010 g
  • Use Age: 6 months - 9 years old kids
  • Max bearing weight: 50 kilos
  • package includes: 1 x potty seat, 2 x support frames, 1 x non-slip pedal, 2 x feet pads, 4 sets screws + nuts, 2 x bolts

Shipping Information

  • Processing time (1 - 3 days)
  • Fast shipping to USA (1 - 3 weeks)
  • International shipping (3 - 6 weeks depending on your location)

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